1Logon to https://www.mbaex.com or https

://www.mbaex.net and select your preferred language to sign up for new account.


2. Click ‘SIGN UP’ to register for new account; choose options for registration, via either your mobile number or your email.




Register via email
1.Please fill up the registration form, click on “I Agree to the" and then proceed to sign up by clicking on “SIGN UP” button.





Affiliate ID  766739



2. At the top-left corner, click on “Account Setting”, then proceed to “SMS Auth – Bind” to bind your account to your mobile number; (or you could initialize Google Authentication binding).
Click here for Google Two-factor authentication guide.





3.Select “Transaction Password – Bind” to create your new transaction password.



4.Click on “Real name Authentication” to verify your account for withdrawal purposes. 



Click here for user-authentication guide.








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